A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Echoes is an exploration game which is meant to be played in pair. One player plays a small child while the other will be a whisp hovering around the other character, and urging him to explore an old abandonned house. The player playing the whisp should not see the screen and should wear headphones to have the output from the game. The other will have access to the screen and to the controller, but not to the headphones. The goal of this game is to understand the train of events that lead to the apparition of the whisp. To this end players will have to transmit information to one another as they both have only part of the whole solution.


# Artists

Alvyne Sebalj
Mélanie L'huillier
Ninon Godet

# Developers

Hugo Attal
Kévin Colombier
Paul Niezborala
Victor Rouquette

# Sound designers

Edouard Bourgeat
Elio Germani


PC version
Mac version
Source code

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